Zinc is a nutrient that plays many vital roles in your body. Why should you care? Because, unlike other nutrients like protein or carbohydrates- which are produced naturally and stored by the body - zinc cannot be made on its own! That's why it's important to get your daily dose from food sources such as oysters, red meat (especially lamb), eggs, beans, lentils and Simply Nootropics Elevate!

Zinc has been called the “nutrient of life” because it performs so many important functions: It supports normal development during infancy from conception onwards—helps form DNA strands-and helps maintain strong bones throughout adulthood by helping regulate bone building cells known as osteoblasts).

Zinc is a mineral that your body needs for countless processes. In fact, it’s the second most abundant trace element in your cells after iron! Zinc aids many functions such as metabolism and digestion with its involvement in over 300 enzymes. It also plays an important role in cell development and function of immune cells.

Zinc has been found to protect against oxidative stress and reduce inflammation. This can be beneficial for your body, as oxidative stress leads to chronic inflammation which contributes to a range of illnesses like heart disease, cancer and mental decline.

Zinc supplements can be taken in Zinc capsules or Zinc tablets and purchased online. Simply Nootropcis Elevate includes a daily active of 14.3mg.

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