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Dr Brian P Ramos

Led by Dr. Brian P. Ramos, a PhD in Neurobiology from Yale University and our in-house neuroscientist, our product range exemplifies the essence of collaborative synergy.

Dr. Ramos brings extensive expertise in neuroscience, molecular psychiatry, cognitive enhancement, ageing, and behaviour. Working alongside our team of bioscientists and natural health experts, he ensures that each formula is not only scientifically robust but also holistically attuned. Specialising in cognitive support and longevity, we are committed to delivering real, science-backed results for enhanced well-being.

More than a supplement

We are big on education to help our customers achieve complete human cognitive optimisation. This means looking outside of nutrition for the brain. Yes, nutrition is a vital cornerstone for cognitive performance, however we believe there are many other factors to improving cognitive ability.

Performing at your best takes more than nootropics.

Take our free 7 day challenge and join a community of people looking to reach new levels of performance in all areas of life. We also send exclusive video content, led by Brian, to our active customers regularly.

Right ingredients. Right amounts.

Every ingredient and dosage has been chosen for its specific cognitive impact and how it supports the other ingredients. You don’t need to figure it out, we’ve done the hard work for you. Unlike others, we’ll never include an ingredient just to include it on the ingredient list.

Formulated by our neuroscientist and natural health experts, we set out to create the most comprehensive nootropics supplements ever – – with zero fillers– so when you take them, you’ll notice the difference.


To improve longevity, brain function, and overall performance, we needed to have a more holistic view in our approach.

Most nootropics companies will take a very siloed approach to formulation, focussing on one or two cognitive areas such as enhancing "focus" or "memory" or "anti-ageing". Other nootropics companies will use ingredients that don't work together symbiotically, essentially cannibalising each other or use supplements not backed by credible research.

Our goal is simple: deliver high-quality, lab-tested supplements that work together to provide remarkable results and value, with transparent education and content.

We've employed neuroscientists and health professionals to take a science-led approach, to create the most efficacy in our products. Supported by the latest human and non human clinical trials, we stay at the forefront of the science. We don't believe in using things like stimulants and caffeine in our supplements and we only use the highest quality, sustainably sourced ingredients. We believe we might have the best nootropics products on the market, by a long shot but come be the judge and try them for yourself.

No proprietary blends. Nothing to hide.

Some nootropics companies hide behind proprietary blends. This means you never know how much of each ingredient is included in each dose (hint: it’s usually not enough)

We always show you the exact ingredients and amounts in every dose, so you know exactly what you’re taking every time.

Simple science

The science behind nootropic supplements can be complex. But our goal is to simplify the science so you won’t just know what’s in it, but you’ll understand how it works.

Whether you want to know a lot, or a little, we’re out to make it as simple as possible for you to understand. Join our Facebook community, where you can speak directly to our team and join a empowered community who are all on the same mission together.

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