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To improve brain function and overall performance, we needed to have a more holistic view in our approach.

Most nootropics companies will take a very siloed approach to formulation, focussing on one or two cognitive areas such as enhancing "focus" or "memory". Other nootropics companies will use ingredients that don't work together symbiotically, essentially cannibalising each other.

Simply Nootropics Elevate has been designed to optimise as many brain pathways as possible, unlocking the brains potential, in a natural and safe way. A product, we are proud to take daily.

We've employed neuroscientists and health professionals to take a science-led approach, to create the most efficacy in our products. We don't believe in using stimulants like caffeine. We do believe we might have the best nootropics product on the market, by a long shot.

more than a pill

We are big on education to help our customers achieve complete human cognitive optimisation. This means looking outside of nutrition for the brain. Yes, nutrition is a vital cornerstone for cognitive performance, however we believe there are many other factors to improving cognitive ability. These include our environment, breathing, light, meditation, exercise and others practises.

We know that research shows that after practising mindfulness, the grey matter in your brain’s amygdala – a region known for its role in stress – can become smaller.

Exercise enables your body and brain to produce hormones and neurotransmitters that have a positive impact on your mood, memory, energy levels, and sense of well-being.

By combining cutting edge science with real world practical routines you can implement in your life and a community you can be a part of to learn from, we give our customers a life-changing opportunity and experience that's more than a "magic pill". This approach makes results long-lasting and life changing.


the approach

We consult the top scientists in neuroscience. Our scientists include a leading neuroscientist and formulator from New Zealand, a natural health leader with over 15 years experience in the UK, Australia and NZ, and some keen biohackers from around the world. We use our laboratory to create tailored formulas that work synergistically, and are backed by years of research and evidence.

Consult top minds in science in New Zealand and across the world

Rigorous testing in our lab

We only use safe and proven ingredients with research based evidence

Simplify our findings to the customer, so you actually understand them.

The goal is to create world-leading nootropics products, that inspire people to chase their dreams and goals.

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but don't just take our word for it

julian smith

Olympic gold medalist

“Simply Nootropics significantly improved my performance on the track and in my personal life”

maria varga

CEO, Fashion Weekly

“What a difference! This has been a lifechanging overhaul for me in my personal and professional life”

john applebee

Founder, FlyWithMe Entertainment

“Simply Nootropics significantly improved my performance on the track and in my personal life”