simply nootropics story

Simply Nootropics came about as a result of many years of research, trial and error and personal testing, in pursuit of a better life without limitations and barriers. I had a desire to take my life changing experience and create a range of products that can help improve others, making a real positive change in the world.

After trialing with different nootropics ingredients and blends over the years imported from all over the world, I noticed some were loaded with caffeine and other stimulants, others had low dosage ingredients, and many only a had a few nootropics ingredients used in their formulation that could be accessed through a healthy diet. Big name brands had obviously focussed on profits, over performance. It was underwhelming.

You see, I've always had a burning desire to be better, and live life to the full. I was looking for something to get the most out of my days, that would help me excel while running multiple businesses, training for events and always on the go.

I set out to create a formulation with leading neuroscientists and natural health leaders that would truly make a difference in my friends, family and own life. The product that we have created is something I am proud to take daily, making a real impact. Simply Nootropics is packed with 20 research-based ingredients designed for improved cognitive functions.


Simply Nootropics combines neuroscience, complex-systems modelling, neurobiology and organic chemistry with real-world tool's and habits you can implement, so you can get in the zone, and live life to the full. We've employed neuro-scientists in New Zealand, and natural health leaders from the UK and New Zealand to create a world leading product over the last two years.

The ingredients used in our product are scientifically proven to help your brain enter what is called an "Alpha state". When you are in this state of mind, this is called being in "the zone" or "in flow". Chances are you have experienced this before and felt unstoppable in your thinking and focus. This keeps you locked in, so you can achieve and be more.

Apart from the noticeable cognitive impacts from Simply Nootropics products, they are also designed to support long-term brain health, giving your brain the right nutrients it needs. We optimise towards short term mental performance, and longevity.

how did it all start?

Through my 20's, I burnt the candle from both ends. After launching and managing several companies in my early 20s, living in hotels and being in the air every week while juggling what life had to offer me, I was starting to feel sluggish and foggy. My stress levels were through the roof and I knew deep down that it was not a sustainable way to operate. I had a strong passion and drive but my mind and body could not keep up. This was when I started my search to find a way to improve my mind and body, so I could keep operating at a high level without crashing to achieve my goals.

The truth is, I hit burn out twice in my 20s, and I never want to be there again. I couldn't get out of bed for a week, and It was at that moment I knew I needed to take a step back to learn more about myself, human performance and self-care. I started looking into different ways to improve cognitive function at a scientific level and the research I came across caught my attention. Like many people I know, I suffered from brain fog, intense stress and tension from high pressure situations, which meant a lack of focus, forgetfulness and sometimes procrastination. Some weeks were very productive and others were a write-off. I found myself limited by my own body and mind, wanting to do more, but with no gas in the tank.

By using nootropics and some simple biohacking protocols, I was able to transform my mind, energy and general headspace. I saw first hand the power of good nutrition for the brain, which helped me combat my fatigue, procrastination, stress, lack of focus, poor memory and depression. Following my new-found focus to feed my brain and mind, I started learning other ways to "bio-hack" the body to improve cognitive ability, increase my longevity and reduce my stress. Introducing daily meditation and breathing exercises again took me to a new level.

Nootropics and biohacking was life changing for me and I knew this was something I needed to get into the hands of others that had no idea they existed, or haven't paid attention yet.

All of this inspired me to create simply nootropics.

Anthony Baxter - Co-founder

the mission

The mission is to help people all across the world live their life to the fullest without feeling like the handbrake is on. We want you to be clearer, happier, and perform so you can do and be more through our range of products and educational content with effortless, everyday self care.

the three c’s

At Simply Nootropics we believe that the key to gaining mental clarity begin’s with focusing on three core areas:

  • ── Conciousness
  • ── Clarity
  • ──Calmness

our values

The brain is one of the biggest organs in the body, and often forgotten about when it comes to supplementation and nutrition. More than a "pill" our company is focussed on not only nutrition for the brain but giving you the right tools, routines and knowledge to "rewire" your brain and a community to constantly level up and share ideas with others on the same journey. Everything starts from the top in your head and flows from there.


All of our products and formulations are designed to provide the most efficacy to you as our customer. We want to provide life-changing experiences through our products that have lasting impact.



Unlike other Nootropics companies who try to dazzle or confuse you with science and confusing buzz words, we break down the science and formulations and present this in layman's terms so you really understand what's going on.

top quality

We only use the highest quality sourced ingredients around the world. Our products are lab tested and manufactured in New Zealand.