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Would You Benefit From Nootropics? Take Our 7 Question Quiz To Find Out.

You're sitting at your desk, staring at a blank screen. You know you should be working on that project, but you can't get started. Your mind is foggy and you can't focus. You try to take a deep breath, but it only makes things worse. You feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Sound familiar? If so, you're not alone.

According to a 2021 study of Work and Wellbeing by the APA, stress is one of the top reasons people can't focus or be productive. Roughly three in five employees reported negative consequences of work-related stress in the previous month, including a loss of interest, motivation, or energy (26%), difficulty concentrating (21%), and reduced effort at work (19%).

But what if there was a way to reduce stress and improve focus? That's where nootropics come in.

What's the deal with nootropics?

Nootropics are supplements that can help improve focus, memory, and overall wellbeing. They are used by students, entrepreneurs, athletes, and busy professionals who need an extra boost to get through the day.

Nootropics have been shown to enhance cognitive function, including memory, focus, and attention. They are sometimes referred to as "smart drugs", "cognitive boosters", or "memory enhancers."

But the truth is that nootropics are so much more than just "smart drugs". In fact, at their core, nootropics are compounds that adapt to help our bodies better withstand and adapt to stress, both physical and mental.

For example, adaptogenic herbs like ashwagandha may help reduce feelings of anxiety and enhance sleep quality, while compounds like bacopa monnieri may help to improve focus and attention. Other popular natural nootropics include ginseng and Rhodiola rosea, which help to increase energy levels and protect the brain from stress.

While there are many different types of nootropics, they all share one common goal: to improve cognitive performance. And while not everyone will benefit from taking nootropics, they can be incredibly helpful for those who do.

But how do you know if nootropics are right for you?

To find out, take our quiz! Simply answer a few questions about your lifestyle and goals, and we'll help you determine whether nootropics may be the right option for you. So what are you waiting for?

*A quiz does not constitute medical advice and should not be used in place of a consultation with your doctor. Nootropics are typically safe and well-tolerated. However, some nootropics can interact with medications or have side effects. Please consult a healthcare professional before making any lifestyle changes.

Lifestyle Quiz:

Answer A, B, or C. Jot down your results for each question. Don't overthink it, just go with your first instinct!

1. It's 5 pm on a Friday after a busy week at the office. Are you feeling:

a) Accomplished because you got a lot done, and you're ready to enjoy the weekend.

b) Motivated, but struggling to focus and finish your work.

c) Procrastinating on your work because you're feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

2. You have an important presentation next week. Are you:

a) Confident that you've prepared well and are ready to crush it.

b) Unsure and hoping you'll be able to do a good job.

c) Nervous and worried because you haven't been able to focus on the material. You're hoping this is just a stress dream.

3. You're trying to eat healthier and exercise more. Are you:

a) Already seeing results and feeling better than ever.

b) Seeing some improvement, but it's been a slow process.

c) Having trouble sticking to your goals because you don't have enough energy.

4. You're studying for an important test tomorrow morning. Are you:

a) Able to easily recall the information and sure you'll do well.

b) Frustrated that you can't remember everything but determined to learn it no matter what. Remind me again, is it meiosis or mitosis?

c) Forgetting everything as soon as you read it.

5. You've had trouble sleeping lately. Is this because:

a) My social life is lit right now.

b) Work has been really stressful.

c) I can't turn my brain off at night.

6. How do you feel when you wake up in the morning?

a) Pumped to get started on my projects.

b) Tired, but I push through.

c) Like I could lie in bed all day and never move.

7. You're feeling overwhelmed. What's your first instinct?

a) To take a break and relax for a bit. Go for a run, maybe read a book.

b) To power through it. If I just work a little harder and longer, I'll be able to get everything done.

c) To drink some caffeine. That'll help me (but will it, really?)

BONUS ROUND: You're doing everything you can to reach your goals and tackle each challenge as it comes. In general, how do you feel about life?

a) Excited that there are so many incredible experiences yet to come!

b) Satisfied that I'm making progress, even if it's slow.

c) Stressed out and like I'm not doing enough.

Now add up your A's, B's and C's. 

Use the BONUS as a tiebreaker if your results are even between two categories.


If you answered mostly As:

You may not need nootropics; you're already in a great place! However, if you want to boost your cognitive performance and/or are dealing with a hectic schedule and busy social life, nootropics may be able to give you that extra competitive edge.

If you answered mostly Bs:

Based on your responses, it sounds like nootropics might be a good option for you! Nootropics can help boost focus and energy levels, allowing us to be more productive and feel our best.

If you answered mostly Cs:

You may benefit from taking nootropics. Nootropics can help to improve mood, memory, and focus, making it easier to overcome our obstacles. However, nootropics are not a miracle cure. If you're struggling with chronic stress or other mental health conditions, it's important to consult a healthcare professional before taking nootropics. You may also want to consider lifestyle changes such as exercise, healthy eating, and getting enough sleep.

Nootropics: the answer you've been looking for?

So if you've been wondering whether nootropics might be a good option for you, now you know! With the right supplements, anyone can harness the many benefits of these powerful adaptogens and supercharge their brain health. And who wouldn't want that? After all, a healthy, focused brain is the key to success.

Nootropics could even add years to your lifespan.

Simply Nootropics Essentials™  –  offer a specially formulated blend of caffeine-free, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly natural ingredients designed to support cognitive function.

Whether you're looking for improved focus, increased energy levels, or a better mood, Simply Nootropics can help you reach your goals.

Ready to try nootropics? Click here to learn more.

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