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Focus |  Energy | Memory | Calm | Healthy Ageing | Sleep

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When you can't afford to be worn down by stress, brain-fog, lack of focus, or poor performance. Give your brain the right nutrients it needs to perform at its best, every day.

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Caffeine free, Gluten free, Vegetarian friendly

Formulated by neuroscientists and natural health experts

Take 4 capsules in the morning with water.

For best results, take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules mid-day. Cycle your use 5 days on, 2 days off to maximise the benefits.

Servings per pack: 22 (30-day supply)

Product type: vege capsules (gluten-free).

Store in a cool, dry place.


Elevates focus

Aids memory and recall

Designed to relieve stress

Supports long term brain health

Helps you "get in the zone"

Supports healthy ageing and longevity


“I just switched to Simply Nootropics and I can instantly notice the difference. I can just get in the zone easily and check off my to-do list”

Adrian S

“I was initially trying to improve my focus, and to get an edge at work since I'm in a demanding industry. I used to feel quite sluggish around 3-4pm. Now I can stay in the zone throughout the whole day”

Greg R.

simply nootropics helps you enhance brain performance

  • Focus and perform through complex tasks
  • Recall information easier and faster
  • Reduces brain fog through the whole day
  • Think more clearly under stressful situations
  • Enter an alpha state/flow state*
  • Supports cell energy for healthy ageing and longevity
  • Keeps you locked in all day and helps you get in “the zone”
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why choose simply nootropics?

right ingredients.
right amounts.

We set out to create the most comprehensive nootropics stack 
— with zero filler. 

Every ingredient and amount is research-backed and has been chosen to support peak mental performance (not just to pad out an ingredient list). That’s why when you try it, you’ll immediately notice the difference.

no proprietary blends. nothing to hide.

Some companies hide behind proprietary blends, so you never know how much of each ingredient is included in each dose (hint: it’s usually not enough).

We always show you the exact ingredients and amounts because you deserve to know exactly what you’re taking.

proudly stimulant free

No jitters or crashes. Stimulants can be effective, but they’re often used to compensate for poor efficacy of other ingredients.

Rather than load our dosage with caffeine or cheap stimulants, you can get the full nootropic experience and regulate stimulants to your personal taste - which means you can enjoy your daily coffee while taking Simply Nootropics.

a holistic approach to brain performance

We believe the best approach is a holistic approach. That's why we go beyond nootropics to help people be at their best every day.

Take our free 21-day brain hacking challenge and join a community of people looking to reach new levels of performance in all areas of life.

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20 natural, researched backed ingredients, derived from food, plants, bark and other natural elements.

a holistic way to be at your best every day

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daily active: 250mg

Algal DHA

daily active: 300mg

Alpha lipoic acid (ALA)

daily active: 200mg


daily active: 250mg

Bacopa monnieri (Brahmi)

daily active: 200mg

Choline Bitartrate

daily active: 50mg

CoenzymeQ10 (CoQ10)

daily active: 50mg

Jyotishmati (Celatstrus Paniculatus)

daily active: 75mg

Gingko bilboa

daily active: 100mg

Vitamin B6

daily active: 40mg


daily active: 200mg

Lions mane mushroom

daily active: 200mg


(nicotinamide mononucleotide)

daily active: 200mg

Panax ginseng

daily active: 200mg

NZ Pine bark extract

daily active: 30mg


daily active: 90mg

Rhodiola rosea

daily active: 250mg

Uridine 5'-monophosphate

daily active: 100mg

Vitamin D3

daily active: 1000IU


daily active: 14.3mg

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Our ingredients are chosen to maximise efficacy.

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